This morning, I heard, “It’s uh Tri-Angull…it’s a skware” from Mr Grunty, and “Yay! I did it! it’s a by-si-kal…it’sah motor-si-kal” from Ms Squeaky.  I went out to check on them, and they were at their table, playing with their cheerios, making shapes.

Later, I saw Ms Squeaky with something shiny in her hand. She gripped it tight when I tried to investigate. It was a nut, from the bolts under their table. Mr Grunty had one in his hand. They like to crawl under there, and unscrew the nuts. I explained we need to put the nuts back for safety, and they went along with it peacefully.

Later Mr Cuddles headed towards the table, because he wanted to use it to climb up. He likes crawling up stuff, and then, when hands are on object (couch) and his knees are still on the floor, he’s stuck and not really sure what to do next.

Yesterday, Ms S found a small kitty-toy-mouse, and was throwing it up on the kitty-tower for Oliver. He would try and grab it, or bat it back down. She had lots of fun, and I’m proud to say she was pretty accurate at getting the toy near him.

Tonight, Mr G saw me playing with a string and the kitties. He wanted to, but he’s not very tall, or good at getting the string to launch like his fly-fishing. So I told him to walk away, and Oliver would follow. He was very happy when he turned the corner, and Oliver came skidding around the corner, grabbing at the string.


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