x-mas tree

Today, MyBetterHalf went shopping and took Ms Squeaky & Mr Grunty with her. I stayed home with Mr Cuddles. After I gave him a bottle, which, I am happy to say he is getting better at holding. When he wants to. He’s not as good as his siblings were at 9 months. Two reasons, we use glass bottles with him (fear of plastics/BPA), and, we baby him. When I had to bottle feed the twins in the mornings, I couldn’t hold either, so they would relax in front of me, laying down on pillows or bouncy-seats. So they had plenty of option to early on play with, touch, feel and hold their bottles. We hold MrCuddles, so he just relaxes and enjoys the bottle.

After that, I put him in the high-chair, and gave him a few toys and cheerios to play with, whilst I cleaned the kitchen, then the the dinning room table and floors. Then, he and I played “knock down papa’s tower” before he went to take a nap.

Tonight, we put up our tiny Christmas tree. Mr G & Ms S helped place ornaments on the tree. Mr Cuddles tried to see how many cheerios he could hold in his cheeks. It was lots of fun.


One Response to “x-mas tree”

  1. Heather Says:

    Also, Mr. Cuddles is more breastfed than the twins so he doesn’t have as much opportunity as the twins did to hold a bottle.

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