bed time stories

Here it is, 10:30pm, and I just had to go into the childrens bedroom. Mr Cuddles was standing up in his crib, and started dancing in his sleep sack when he saw me, thinking we were about to have play time. I picked him up, gave him a hug, and put him back down giving him back his pacifier that he had spit out. He tucked his hands behind his head, looked up at me, as if to say “see you in a little bit, papa”

Around 10:00pm, MyBetterHalf peaked into the childrens room. I had fallen asleep on the floor.

Around 9PM, Ms Squeaky wandered out into the living room. She wanted her papa. Tonight, it was my turn to stay in there until they fell mostly asleep, and after I left, Ms Squeaky must have woke, and wanted to know why papa wasn’t next to her bed. We snuggled for a few minutes on the couch, with MyBetterHalf, watching Survivor, and I took Ms S back to her bed.

Around 8:45, Mr Grunty was singing and talking to himself.

…and from the morning time…

This morning, Mr Grunty & Ms Squeaky took their potty-chairs into the hall, put their babies on the chairs, and the toddlers sat on the floor next to their babies. They had a book. Ms S opened it, and began pointing at letters, “wha’s that?”

“It’s-ah ‘O'”, Mr G replied.

“How many o’s”, she asked.

“Two ‘o’s”, her brother replied.

“Good job, Gruntee, good job”, Ms Squeaky encouraged.

Yesterday morning, while I was doing dishes, Mr Cuddles was in the exer-saucer, so he would stay out of trouble, I heard Mr G say, “Papa, he’s eating it.”

“What is Mr Cuddles eating?” I asked, thinking he had been given a cheerio.

“Cud-elz is eating a crayon.”

Oh my! I acted very calm, took the crayon from out of Mr Cuddles’ mouth, and said, “Thank you Mr Grunty, he’s too little for the crayons. Do you want to give him one cheerio?”

Mr G did, and then Ms Squeaky came running across the room, “I wanna give Cud-luls a cheerio!”


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