candy cane lane

We went to a diner for dinner.  The toddlers only ate their fries. After, we went to big book store, and Mr Grunty wanted us to go on the escalators.

Tonight, we took the childrens out to see X-mas lights. Allegedly CandyCaneLane is a great place. They liked it alright, but I think they had just as much fun pointing out x-mas lights as we drove down the street.

And there is one over-the-top lit-up house, in Northgate, pretty close to the Mosque, and when we turned the corner, MsSqueaky “oh wow!”

The best part of the evening, was Ms Squeaky and Mr Cuddles making each other laugh. She would make a silly sound, he would find it funny, and repeat. Within 10 minutes of this, Mr Cuddles was just screaming out loud for joy.


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