sleep in saturday?

No. We didn’t get to sleep in today. All three childrens were awake at 6:30. It is understandable, we tell them that parents don’t work on the weekend, and then they get up early so they can maximize their time with us. Very sweet of them. I suspect soon enough they’ll be teenagers who sleep in until noon on Saturday, because they were out late with their friends, ignoring their poor parents.  The circle of life.

We have a small stroller (“tord-leh”), that Ms Squeaky uses for her babies, and some of the toys for her babies. Mr Grunty was sad that Ms S claimed ownership of the stroller, and they fought about it for awhile, but Ms S prevailed imposing her will in this instance. Mr G, being pragmatic, found that he could put his pink-baby in the handle of a walker/scooter and take his baby on walks. Also, there is a cool secret compartment for his toys. They will go on walks, “bye, see you…be right back” and blow us kisses, as they leave the living room to walk their babies to the bedroom and back. They’ve been doing this for a while now, which leads me to…Ms Squeaky finally decided that Mr Grunty could be trusted with her “tord-leh”. She was instructing him how it works, “put hand there…and put hand there…then you push it”, and then she, and her brother, both pushed the stroller with her blue-baby around the house.

Today, again, MyBetterHalf went shopping and took the toddlers with her. Mr Cuddles stayed with me. I tried to teach him the crawling game, he was on the floor, crawled towards me, I crawled towards him, and then crawled over him. He would turn around, slightly puzzled, where had papa gone. He ate cheerios in the high-chair whilst I did dishes and he enjoyed watching me play with the kitties.This morning, he was petting Sophie-kitty, with some help from his mommy, and he really liked that. Then Sophie realized a child was near her, and she ran away. (Also, this morning, Ms Squeaky was chasing Oliver-kitty, trying to pick him up, and give him hugs. I am surprised he didn’t swat her)

He then had a little bottle, which he can now hold all on his own, while I stare at my beautiful baby boy. Then we went to take a nap. He didn’t want to, but soon, we were both sleeping.

I was awoken by Ms Squeaky excitedly saying, “papa I made a per-chsss” showing me her box of cookies.


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