stories from the A.M.

Yesterday…Mr Grunty announced he wanted oatmeal for breakfast. I asked if he wanted oatmeal-with-berries. Excitedly he said “yes”.  And three minute later, when I gave him the oatmeal with berries, Mr G yelled at me, “no berries!”  Luckily, there was some plain oatmeal that I gave to him. Taking away the offensive berry-tainted-oatmeal. I was happy I got to have oatmeal and berries. After Mr G ate the plain stuff, then he wanted oatmeal-w-berries. I gave him the bowl he originally had, “no, that’s papa’s”. I explained I would be willing to share with him, and then he took it.

Mr Cuddles, we have a new morning routine. Usually he’s pretty hungry in the morning, so I’ve been putting him in the highchair with some cheerios for him to snack on while I prep his bottle. And, I’m happy to say he’s a pro at holding his own bottle. But once he sees the bottle, he tries to stretch out his lips to get it.

Today…Mr Cuddles woke up first, and his crying woke up his brother. Mr Grunty eventually wandered out of his bedroom, I was brushing my teeth, holding Mr C, who was mesmerized by what I was doing. Since Mr G was the first one up, he got first choice of dishes. He wanted cheerios in the pink bowl, and milk in the pink cup w/ pink lid.      Ms Squeaky got up, wandered out, was still tired and sleepy from fussing LOTS last night, but when she saw the pink bowl, she cheered up, “itsmy chee-rows”.  When I informed her it was her brothers, and asked if she wanted a different bowl, she started to wimper, “nooooo”.  So, I got down the extra pack bowls, unopened, that I didn’t think we needed, hence they were unopened for a year, and got out a pink bowl.

The childrens like the pink dishes, the pink socks, and the car-socks, and will fight over them.

This morning, Mr Grunty was crawling along with Mr Cuddles. “go find papa?” and he would crawl a bit, look back at his brother. “papa’s there!” and crawl a few steps more.


One Response to “stories from the A.M.”

  1. Heather Says:

    Aww – you didn’t tell me about Benjamin crawling with Nicholas to go find you! That is too cute and I’m glad Benjamin is warming up to his little brother.

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