sick child

Last night, Mr Grunty woke up, and called out in a worried voice “papa!!!”   I went in the room, and knew someone had vomited. It was Mr G. He and I spent the next hour, well, after I cleaned up his bed, sitting in the living room, next to each other on the couch with the xmas lights on. He was looking glum, though he should’ve been tired, he didn’t look sleepy. I eventually convinced him to lay down on the couch, and that I would be close by, sleeping on the other couch. So, this morning, I decided since he threw up at least three times, daycare was not for him.  He seemed mostly normal today, although he did sleep for a three hour nap. And then he went to bed early tonight without a fight.

Ms Squeaky….well, she was acting cranky, too, so we had her go to bed at same time. 8pm. She was OK, if she was laying on the floor mat and kicking papa, while I was waiting for them to go to bed. When MyBetterHalf took over the hang-out-with-childrens-@-bedtime (yes, it is one word), Ms Squeaky started attempting to make bargins…she wanted her baby, she wanted her other baby, she wanted the flashlight, she wanted the christmas tree. Yes, she wanted to bring the christmas tree to her bed with her.

Mr Cuddles…he fights getting into his sleep sack, because he knows. But then he’ll have a night cap of some milk, and get dozy, so sleepy, almost out, and we sneak him into his bed, gently lay him in his crib…and two minutes later, Mr Cuddles is standing up in his crib,  bouncing and singing with a big smile.

I’m hoping we’re done with the sick.


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