“Poltergeist” by Kat Richardson

I liked it. I think book #2 of the Greywalker series is a lot stronger than book #1. The story is more focused, it revolves around one case. The first book revolved around a case, a problem/vampire-coup/romance & intro-to-the-grey-world.

I think a stranger to Seattle, would get an accurate view of the town from the book. There were instructions on how to fake moving tables during a seance.

Fav quote “I’m sure they don’t think an old fart like me knows what they’re up to – your average twenty-year-olds think they invented sex themselves – but I’ve seen that sort of thing before. It’s been the cause of more sorrow and stupidity than drinking and driving.” (pg 178)

What worries me, because of this series, I almost want to get a ferret. The protagonist’s ferret just sounds so cuddly and fun.


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