Christmas Eve

Christmas eve, I stayed home with the childrens, whilst MyBetterHalf went to work. But the story begins, as most stories do, the day before.

Ms Squeaky has been having some digestive issues, and so I took her into the doctor on December 23rd, spur of the moment, leaving from work. After our doctor visit, she and I went shopping, because she had not yet bought her mommy a Christmas gift. She had fun having solo time with papa, and was very excited when she saw a weiner-dog in a green sweater, and got lots of kisses from the excited tail wagging pup.
When we went to the daycare, to get her brothers, Mr Grunty excitedly said, “I go to doctor!”

After we put the childrens to bed, I went into work, to finish up a few things before the holiday weekend. Then, later at home, as I was putting my keys away, I noticed, I had the master-keys for work.Drat!

So, Christmas eve, right after we had breakfast, I loaded the childrens into the kidmobile, and we went to Papa’s work, the boys were still in their pajamas. They were very excited to see the construction workers laying cent. And they were happy to see papa had a calendar with pictures of them. And, then they drew me more pictures of artwork to hang up.

Lunch time, since the big table was covered with gifts and Christmas tree. The advantage of a 2 foot tree, is ease of getting more gift than tree. And the toddlers had been playing with puzzles on their table. Ms Squeaky had decided she wanted her booster chair, and carried it out from the bedroom, put it on the big chair, and was starting to climb up. Fortunately I caught her, got her to stop, and I fastened the straps onto the chair. Then Mr Grunty wanted his booster-seat. I told him it was in Mommy & Papa’s bedroom, but he was confused, because he couldn’t find it in our bed. He was very happy when I showed it to him. (I am amused by how they will totally fail a Search or Spot Check.) So, they wanted to sit in the big chairs, so I had to go get a folding table. Later, during lunch, the toddlers found out that pounding on a folding table makes a great noise, and they were having a little drum circle. Mr Cuddles joined in, kicking his high chair, making his cheerios bounce on the tray.

That afternoon, as I was helping Mr Cuddles, Mr Grunty implored a few times, “Papa, HOLP!”. I explained I was busy with MrC. Mr Grunty then turned to his sister, “Scwee-ee holp peas”. She went over to him, he was at his bed, with his pink baby and a diaper. She moved in, and showed him what to do, instructing, “Put dis one like dat, and put dis on de baby.”   I am glad they ask each other for help.

We went to the Tiki Lodge for dinner. I gave Blub a huge hug, because they are going to Utah to adopt a baby!
Oh my goodness, the stress of adoption. They found out there was a baby for them a day ago, and now they have to drop everything and go to Utah. And of course, there is always the chance that the birth mother will change her mind at the last minute. I asked why Utah? And was told that adoption laws differ by state, and the ones in Utah seem to be tilted towards the adoptive parents. I assume the adoption agency told the rules to the birth mother, because she is coming to Utah for the purpose of giving up her baby. I can not imagine the stress of being an adoptive parent, or the agony of giving up a child. Wow.

We went to Church. There was no nursery, because they wanted children to be part of the worship, which I totally dig. And so those attending were warned there could be the small noises of children. Which, seriously, is very appropriate for a worship service about the birth of baby Jesus. There was lots of music. After a nice organ/piano duet, a moment of silence, and then as if they had rehearsed it, Ms Squeaky and Mr Grunty yelled out “YAY!!” and clapped hands. The congregation laughed. I remind everyone of Psalm 47:1 “Oh clap your hands all you peoples! Shout to God with the voice of triumph!”


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