Christmas Day

Ms Squeaky woke first, I got up quickly so I could witness the look on her face at what Santa had left. Santa had cleaned up the small table, and put stockings, a set of farm animals, and letters to each of the children, telling them he was happy of their good deeds and that they are good children. Ms Squeaky didn’t notice anything and went over to look at books. I turned on the X-mas lights, hoping that would help. Ms S thought it did help, now she and papa could read books together. Mr Grunty got up a bit later, and he wanted to eat. Luckily they didn’t know there was stockings full of candy.
When Mr Cuddles joined us, Ms Squeaky took a doll to him, “wanna play wit baby? Sit here.”   It makes me smile how much she loves him and enjoys playing with him.
Eventually they did notice that there were farm animals on the table, “It’s a pig!” and “it’s a cow!” exclamations.
When it was time to unwrap presents, they did alright with the unwrapping. But of course, after they saw their new toy, they wanted to play with that, and ignored the rest of the presents.
I hope MyBetterHalf and I didn’t spend too much on them. At their age, they aren’t that materialistic, and I found it funny that when I was shopping, I would see lots of cool stuff that I think they would like. We got the children a small set of farm animals to share, so far, so good on that. Although, Mr Grunty didn’t want Mr Cuddles to have the pig, “he’s too wittle!!”…no, Mr Cuddles can have the pig, it’s too big for him to swallow.  We got them dinosaur hand puppets. And they each got a small dinosaur in their stockings. Ms S got a Tyrannosaurus, Mr G got a Brontosaurus, and Mr C got a Triceratops.
After lunch, we traveled over the freeway and through the city to grandma’s house. (My mommy.) We were taking too long to load the car, and Mr Cuddles was screaming, he wanted to see grandma, and as soon as we backed out of the driveway, Mr Cuddles stopped screaming and enjoyed the ride. In the car drive there, Mr G stayed awake the longest, staring out at the traffic. The childrens like it there, lots of new toys, including a huge bag of big legos. And there’s books to read. Ms S read a few with me, and then whilst on my lap, we listened to grandpa read a book to her. Mr Cuddles spent most of the time either crawling over a pile of legos, or pulling himself up, then while holding on with only one hand, looking all around. Which reminds me of his dancing. When there is music, or even if I’m singing, Mr Cuddles gets a big ole grin, and starts swaying back and forth. But, when he’s on the floor, by himself, sometimes he just gets the music in him, and rises up on his knees and start bouncing up and down, grinning big.
It is amusing, I can get the toddlers to eat more of their vegetables if I feed them. I’ll get a few peas on a spoon, ask, how many, and if there are more than three peas, who knows when they’ll stop counting, usually by fourteen. Then, as I hold the spoon close to them, they quickly chomp forward and get the veggies, and I act all shocked, “Oh my goodness! Where are the peas?”  They answer with a grin, “in my mouth”. We did this at grandma’s.
Of course, I had to play with the legos. Me, Ms Squeaky and Mr Grunty were building a tower. My goal, to make it as tall as possible. By the time they were bored of the project, the tower was sturdy, strong, and almost as tall as MsS. Then I knew we had to hurry, so I just stacked them up, and soon, the tower reached the ceiling. However, I don’t know if I’m a worse engineer or father. It wasn’t sturdy, and the top half, built quickly without much support, fell, and a piece hit Ms Squeaky on top of the head.
I was happy that the toddlers blew kisses to grandparents as we left.
Ms Squeaky had the hood of her jacket arranged so that just here eyes and nose were peaking out, so we aren’t sure when she fell asleep. Mr Grunty stayed awake for many miles, watching the scenery.

Great game, Portland –vs- Denver…and at 11:40 left in the game, Denver up by two. Very glad Kevin Calabraro is announcing. Nice game by Portland with a double digit win!

And one of the strangest commercials I’ve seen in awhile. First, the snowing is floating up. Then, rapping reindeer challenging Santa Claus, LeBron & Kobe to basketball. I am mesmerized, I love this ad. Nike is putting out a nice ad campaign with the LeBron & Kobe puppets. Which is why I don’t want LeBron to ever win the NBA championship. Because he keeps being hailed as a king, but he’s not a champion, it’s just marketing. I keep thinking of Shaq, making fun of the Sacramento Kings saying, “you can’t be a King if you haven’t won a thing”. How does that play out in Cleveland now, Mr O’Neil? Also, it’s evidence the NBA is not endemically rigged, they hate it when San Antonio is in the championship game, because ratings are low. And last time LeBron was in the finals, San Antonio quickly defeated his team.


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