tonight, as a family, we watched our first movie together.

after dinner, and changes into pajammas, we got some popcorn, sat on the couch, and watched MyBetterHalf’s X-mas gift of “Up” from the good people at Pixar.

The children were entranced. Ms Squeaky got a little bored halfway through, and had to go get her baby, and then lay down on the other sofa under a blanket. Mr Grunty paid attention the whole time. I reached my hand out to him, hoping he would give me popcorn, he put his hand in mine, never taking his eyes off the screen. Mr Cuddles loved it, because he got to play with whatever toy he wanted to, and, then Papa gave him cheerios while holding him, and then after more play, his mommy held him while he had a bottle.

I liked it. My fav part, “I don’t like the cone of shame.”

Mr Grunty said, “Papa it’s a snipe. It’s a big snipe!”

MyBetterHalf, “SQUIRREL!”

After it was done, half an hour past their bedtime, MsSqueaky said, “I wanna watch it again.”


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