The True Story of Hansel & Gretel

a novel of war and survival by Louise Murphy

Parents, fleeing the Nazis in Poland, purposely abandon their children, because the children have a better chance to live wandering the war-torn countryside.

This book made me want to cry in the first few pages. How would Ms Squeaky & Mr Grunty do taking care of each other, and Mr Cuddles? I know, they couldn’t. But what about eight years from now? They might have a chance then. I know there are places in the world where children have been abandoned because of war, or AIDS, or famine, or shitty parents. It makes me sad.

The book was alright, but as you may guess, depressing considering the topic.

“History is the bookkeeping of murderers” (pg 249)

“God didn’t come down and kill us. I don’t see God shooting children and priests….This is men doing the murdering. Talk to men about their evil, but pray to God. You can’t expect God to come down and do our living for us. We have to do that ourselves.” (pg 207)


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