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music and childrens

29 January, 2010

At night time, the childrens like to sing songs. I’ll take turns asking them what they want to sing, and after a few songs, we’ll sing quieter and quieter, because Mr Cuddles is sleeping. And usually, if he’s in his crib, Mr Cuddles is standing up and swaying his body back-n-forth, because he likes to dance to the music.

The other night, several times, we had to scold Mr Grunty, because he kept loudly singing, and was waking up Mr Cuddles.

Last Saturday, because of a friend on TheFacebook, we went to see her play clarinet for a children’s concert in Tacoma. We picked up my mom along the way. (Before we left home I had to re-add the sixth seat to the kid-mobile. And now, the childrens call it grandma’s seat. ) The concert was big on singing & hand actions, and a little low on music, the childrens were enthralled, but wanted to part of singing-along, or waving-hands.

Later that day, at my parents home, I opened the cover of the piano keys. Ms Squeaky & Mr Grunty were very curious, and started banging on the keys. After a bit, MsS left to play with blocks. But Mr G stayed, and would start at the low key, and methodically play each of the white keys to the high end. He did that a couple of times.

This evening, me & Mr Cuddles were hanging out. He discovered, that if you pick up a block in each hand, and you hit the blocks together, it makes a cool noise. And I think, that sometimes when I’m singing songs with his older siblings, that he’ll try to sing along. Big smile, mouth open wide, “ah-AH-Ahh-ah”, while he doing his little swaying dance.

Sarah Vowell “The Partly Cloudy Patriot”

26 January, 2010

I liked it.

I like her style of writing, and I wish that it were mine. Although, I fear to admit, my style is more like Bill Simmons, “the Sports Guy”, but not nearly as good as him. (I must remember the wise words of Concrete Blonde, “And if I had the choice I’d take the voice I got, Cause it was hard to find. You know I’ve come too far to wind up right back where I started.”)

It would have been better during the GW Bush years if Vowells voice were better heard. She may have disagreed with him, but she doesn’t fall into shrill  name calling, or wanting to leave the USA. She loves her country, even if it has gone, is going, or will go, astray.

She made me want to rethink AlGore. She describes him as a nerd, who loves to study. Well, that’s cool. She mentions how the media makes mistakes, and jumps on bandwagons (also admitting, as a writer under deadline, she too, has made mistakes.)  I see the media in politics, much like a referee in basketball game, yes, there will be some bad calls, but that’s part of the game.

Quotes from the book I liked and appreciated and can relate to:

“For as long as I can remember, one thing that has always lifted my spirits is research.” (pg 69)

“Being a nerd, which is going too far and caring too much about a subject, is the best way to make friends I know.” (pg 91)

“My small life…is a contradictory, hypocritical mess in which I scowl through newspaper articles about the abuses of the timber industry while sitting in my maple chair next to my maple bookcase.” (pg 138)

“American history is a quagmire, and the more one knows, the quaggier the mire gets.” (pg 156)


22 January, 2010

Ms Squeaky & Mr Grunty helped me make coffee, they took turns adding spoonful of coffee to the coffee filter. MsS had big scoop, and spills. MrG  no spills, but tiny scoop.

Quote of the day, “I make a mess!” they told me when I saw them shredding the mail. Luckily my ballot was saved, they only destroyed the outer envelope.

The twins were playing cars with each other, pushing it to each other. Very cute.

Mr G’s pink-baby, which is a girl I’m told, is named “Andrey”

MsS, got a toy bowling pin, laid down on the boppy-pillow, and proceeded to “drink” her “bottle”. Then MrG did the same. “Are you a baby?” I asked. They smiled. Then MsS fake coughed, and I said, “are you OK baby Squeaky?” Then Benjamin fake coughed, and I asked him if he was OK.

Mr Cuddles is cute in the morning, a little fussy, but once a parent picks him up, he’ll cling tight and be happy. But then, if he sees his bottle, forget about the parent, he starts crying, reaching, stretching for his bottle.

We’ve been playing hide-n-seek with the childrens. We turn off the lights, issue red, blue or green LED flashlights, and one parent is with the childrens. Sometimes the childrens are hiding. Sometimes the childrens are seeking. I am surprised, at how well the two toddlers & Mr Cuddles  can stay quiet when hiding. Like for a minute or two. (Their biggest challenge, not flashing the flashlight.) When found they laugh. When they look, once, MsS almost walked into MyBetterHalf, and almost freaked out when she discovered to her surprise Mommy was right in front of her. Tonight, I hid next to the crib, but draping a blanket over me. When found, they point and laugh and dance.

21 January, 2010

The other morning, I asked Mr Grunty, who was a bit glum,

“should I “num-num” Mr G?”
“Should I num-num Mr Cuddles?”
“Who should papa num-num?”
Mr Grunty grinned and replied, “Sque-ey”

So I gave Ms Squeaky some num-num, and then she said stop. Then she said, “tickle” and so I tickled her until she said stop.
Then I crawled over to Mr Grunty, very slowly, doing a very good imitation of a stalker-kitty, and he was trying not to smile. I said, “does a tickle monster do this”, and I tickled his belly.
“no” and no laughter.
“This?” and tickled under his chin.
“no” and still no laughter.
“Then what does a tickle monster do, Mr Grunty?”
He sat there. Got a big grin, and then said “tickle monster does this” as he dove at my belly tickling me. And then Ms Squeaky tickled my back.

Later, the toddlers wanted to go running with only diapers.
So Mr Cuddles and I chased them, and were chased by them.

‘Twas a good morn’.


17 January, 2010

When we went to church, Pablo & Blub were already there, holding their new baby. In the nursery, Ms Squeaky got a baby doll, named it “Pablo&Blub’sBaby” and was holding it, carrying it, giving it a bottle, a pacifier, and changing it’s blankets every few minutes, and singing the “ABC” song to the doll.Mr Grunty spent most of the time playing with play-dough with KD.I got Mr Cuddles to take a little powernap, eventually.

Tonight, I was feeding Mr Cuddles. Mr Grunty was playing a computer game. And then MyBetterHalf came running out of the bed-room (using tiny running steps), laughing all the way. Chasing her was Ms Squeaky, holding a toy-kitty, laughing “I got you! I got you!”  Mr Cuddles was amused and was laughing. After a few minutes, Mr G realized there was fun to be had, and he found a cow, so he could also chase mommy. I then got Mr Cuddles out of the high chair, and he and I joined the chasing, he laughed even more to be part of the fun.

Sarah Palin

11 January, 2010

I was just thinking about how awesome part 1 of the Sarah Palin story is.

Five years ago, she was a nobody. She didn’t have academic credentials, money, experience, political connections, …yet she took on a sitting Republican governor and became the youngest, and also first female Governor of Alaska.

But I don’t think that story will get told as it should, because of McCain.