When we went to church, Pablo & Blub were already there, holding their new baby. In the nursery, Ms Squeaky got a baby doll, named it “Pablo&Blub’sBaby” and was holding it, carrying it, giving it a bottle, a pacifier, and changing it’s blankets every few minutes, and singing the “ABC” song to the doll.Mr Grunty spent most of the time playing with play-dough with KD.I got Mr Cuddles to take a little powernap, eventually.

Tonight, I was feeding Mr Cuddles. Mr Grunty was playing a computer game. And then MyBetterHalf came running out of the bed-room (using tiny running steps), laughing all the way. Chasing her was Ms Squeaky, holding a toy-kitty, laughing “I got you! I got you!”  Mr Cuddles was amused and was laughing. After a few minutes, Mr G realized there was fun to be had, and he found a cow, so he could also chase mommy. I then got Mr Cuddles out of the high chair, and he and I joined the chasing, he laughed even more to be part of the fun.


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