The other morning, I asked Mr Grunty, who was a bit glum,

“should I “num-num” Mr G?”
“Should I num-num Mr Cuddles?”
“Who should papa num-num?”
Mr Grunty grinned and replied, “Sque-ey”

So I gave Ms Squeaky some num-num, and then she said stop. Then she said, “tickle” and so I tickled her until she said stop.
Then I crawled over to Mr Grunty, very slowly, doing a very good imitation of a stalker-kitty, and he was trying not to smile. I said, “does a tickle monster do this”, and I tickled his belly.
“no” and no laughter.
“This?” and tickled under his chin.
“no” and still no laughter.
“Then what does a tickle monster do, Mr Grunty?”
He sat there. Got a big grin, and then said “tickle monster does this” as he dove at my belly tickling me. And then Ms Squeaky tickled my back.

Later, the toddlers wanted to go running with only diapers.
So Mr Cuddles and I chased them, and were chased by them.

‘Twas a good morn’.


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