music and childrens

At night time, the childrens like to sing songs. I’ll take turns asking them what they want to sing, and after a few songs, we’ll sing quieter and quieter, because Mr Cuddles is sleeping. And usually, if he’s in his crib, Mr Cuddles is standing up and swaying his body back-n-forth, because he likes to dance to the music.

The other night, several times, we had to scold Mr Grunty, because he kept loudly singing, and was waking up Mr Cuddles.

Last Saturday, because of a friend on TheFacebook, we went to see her play clarinet for a children’s concert in Tacoma. We picked up my mom along the way. (Before we left home I had to re-add the sixth seat to the kid-mobile. And now, the childrens call it grandma’s seat. ) The concert was big on singing & hand actions, and a little low on music, the childrens were enthralled, but wanted to part of singing-along, or waving-hands.

Later that day, at my parents home, I opened the cover of the piano keys. Ms Squeaky & Mr Grunty were very curious, and started banging on the keys. After a bit, MsS left to play with blocks. But Mr G stayed, and would start at the low key, and methodically play each of the white keys to the high end. He did that a couple of times.

This evening, me & Mr Cuddles were hanging out. He discovered, that if you pick up a block in each hand, and you hit the blocks together, it makes a cool noise. And I think, that sometimes when I’m singing songs with his older siblings, that he’ll try to sing along. Big smile, mouth open wide, “ah-AH-Ahh-ah”, while he doing his little swaying dance.


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