catching up with GBAtT

Saturday, January 30th…
The childrens were sick. That night, I stayed in the living room with Mr Grunty, he was laying down on the sofa, propped up on the semi-inclined position, and every couple of hours he would wake up coughing. Once he was crying, “Papa kiss it” and pointed to his ear. Poor little boy.  MyBetterHalf dealt with Ms Squeaky kicking her in the back, or Mr Cuddles crying for comfort.

Tuesday, Feb 2nd
Mr Grunty woke up first, we chatted, had fun eating breakfast together at the little table. I think cheerios were served. Then, when Ms Squeaky got up, she wanted the pink bowl for her cheerios, and was about to have a breakdown. But Mr Grunty asked, “Squeaky, you want pink bowl.” She whimpered, “yessh”, and he gave his pink bowl to her.  Later, when Mr Cuddles was in his high chair, and I was getting food for him, I noticed someone had filled Mr Cuddles tray with cheerios, it was Mr Grunty.

That morning, Mr Cuddles climbed up on a walker, which Mr Grunty uses for a stroller for his baby, and started pushing. Awww….first steps with a stroller. Mr Grunty was not happy to share his stroller. Food, sure. Baby stroller, no.

Mr Grunty, “I gonna go Cos’co. You gonna go Cos’co?”
Ms Squeaky, “Yea-uh, I go Cos’co. I gonna make a purr-chuss.”
Mr Grunty, “Lemme go see grandma. Let’s get ready to go.”

Later, Mr Grunty was sitting at a box of blocks, and beckoned his brother, “Cuddalls, come here. Play with blocks.”

Wednesday, February 3rd

It’s rough being a parent. I was attacked by a dinosaur. I kept trying to fend off the beast, but every time I turned around, it was just Mr Grunty standing behind me laughing.

Thursday, Feb 4th

And here’s why I’m always late for work. I was happily talking with Mr Grunty in the living room. Mr Cuddles was in the corner at his piano-table. Ms Squeaky was eating breakfast. Then, Mr G said, “Papa, I give you a hug.” And dove into me. I over-reaacted and hugged him and we slowly fell down laughing. Mr Cuddles saw us on the ground and he made a speed crawl over, singing “ahhh-ahh-ah!” and joined the scrum. Not to be left out, Ms Squeaky ran across the living room and tackled the three of us.

Mr Grunty was feeding Mr Cuddles cheerios. Cuddles was at the couch, Mr Grunty would run to his bowl, pick up a cheerio, run to the couch, “Cud-els, here’s a cheerio!” feed it to him, run back to his bowl. Repeat.


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