Happy 50th week, Mr Cuddles!

Dear Mr Cuddles,

You have big smiles when you wake up, and now you give hugs and pats on the back when you are picked up by a parent in the morning.

You make your mommy very happy when she is leaving for work, and you put your hand on the window, trying to touch her hand.

You are a pro at crawling, you can go forward as fast as I can go backwards, which is fun playing the crawling game with you. You even do the “Ahh-ah-aaah” crawling game song. Sometimes, when you crawl, you have a block or car in one of your hands, and you just scoot it along the floor.

Eating, you like it. But over the past week, you aren’t into us feeding you anymore, you want to do it on your own. You grab for the spoon if we try that, so mostly we just put your food on your tray, and some of it end up in your mouth, or on the floor, or inside your clothes. It’s a beautiful mess, my boy. I am happy to say, that you will share cheerios and put them into a parent’s mouth, which you find very funny.

You like to go walking, holding onto index fingers, and walk around the house. When you find something interesting, you stop, let go, and drop down to the floor in crawling position.

You like to try to get into the bathroom, especially when your siblings are in the bathroom being potty trained.

Tonight, you tried to grab Sophie-kitty’s big furry tail. She glared at you, and then she sauntered away. Don’t try that with Oliver-kitty. He’ll swat you.

We got a big box, and if you are in it, you toss the toys out, and if you are beside it, you’ll toss the toys in. When the toys are all out, you stand up, push against the edge, and the box tips (onto a pillow) and then you crawl free.

You like to grab a block, and bang on the TV stand. The glass window part. Silly boy.

You dance when your siblings sing. And sometimes you sing along.

When I asked you tonight, how you feel about being fifty weeks old, you said, “Ahh… bAh, Blah – bVuh”.


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