Happy 14th date-iversary

14 years ago, MyBetterHalf and I started dating.

It all started, when my Bible study buddy was going off to Brazil. MyBetterHalf, who at that time was a friend and co-worker, who had actually met my family because she ran the Sound-to-Narrows. She thought, oh, a 12k, must be like Bloomsday, it’ll be fun. Except, the S-t-N is a worse course, starts out with a steep down hill for a mile, then it slopes back up for six miles. And, Spokane turns out to cheer on the Bloomsday racers, encouragement and celebration the whole way. S-t-N runs five miles through a park, so its quiet, and there is no one to cheer you on when you are running alone in the woods. To those that want a fun run, I recommend Bloomsday. To those that want a challenge, I recommend Sound-to-Narrows.

So, MyBetterHalf, asked me, “since your Bible study buddy is leaving, do you want to go to my Bible study?”  I agreed.

Later, she asked me to see Phantom of the Opera with her and some of her friends. I thought it was a date. It wasn’t, I found out a year later. Luckily I didn’t embarrass myself. In hindsight, I wonder what was more painful to whom, Phantom for me, or Sound-2-Narrows for her?

Later, at a white-elephant gift exchange, I mentioned that I liked playing chess. Using expert fishing technique, MyBetterHalf said, “I’ve always wanted to learn to play chess. Maybe you could teach me?”  I agreed, and so we started weekly chess lessons.

Over the course of January, I developed a bit of a crush on her.

I wanted to deny it, you know, the whole “I am a rock, I am an island” thing that boys do. But finally, my heart go the better of me, and I admitted that I liked her, and had every intention of suppressing those feelings…but it didn’t work. I walked for an entire day, trying to talk myself out of it. But, ended up buying flowers, and showing up at her door.

Me, being the ultra-suave, sooper-sophistimacated dude I am, hid the flowers under my jacket. Her roommate, was about to have dinner when I unexpectedly dropped in, but knew something was up, and took her pan of rice to her bedroom. I tried small talk. And then, there was a fly in their apartment. Presumably from the flowers, that were hidden under my coat on the floor.

So, I confessed, “I have these flowers for you.”

And seriously, why didn’t she just throw me out? …creepy looking guy (I was going for the Grizzly Adams look), hides flowers under his beat up black overcoat, shows up unannounced.

She took the flowers, awkwardly, asked her roommate if they had a vase, and then sat and looked at me.

Ah…silence…we meet again…well, you won’t get me to…

“So…uh…” I started after one point seven seconds of silence, “…I have a bit of a confession to make. I sorta have a bit of a crush on you.”

Previously, after walking all day around Seattle, I had thought of the thing to say. And, one of the best pieces of advice, from the USMC, “KISS…Keep it Simple, Stupid.” So, I went with “I have a confession, I have a crush on you.”

And, I gave plenty of time to worry about the things that could go wrong after I said that. The top three were…

  1. Her boyfriend (which I didn’t know of) walks out of her bedroom wearing only a hand towel.
  2. She turns into an alien, rips off my head, and spits acid down my throat.
  3. She laughs.

If figured, if it were #1, then, well, it would be sorta awkward, but would make a great story years later.  If it were #2, well, that’s an awesome way to die. If #3…well, then I would wish for #2, and well, my friends would complement my bravery for attempting someone out of my league.

Then it was quiet….I felt relieved, I had confessed, I don’t think I mumbled too much, it wasn’t going so bad, and it appeared that none of my top three fears would happen.

Then, she shyly said, “I have a bit of a confession too…”

uh-oh…I thought, that could be the prelude to #1  or #2….

She continued, “…I have a bit of a crush on you, too.”

Yay! my heart did a happy dance.

Hopefully soon, in a spirit of nostalgia, we can go see “City of Lost Children” or some other some other visually alluring/enchanting/disturbing French film.


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