I got to pick the childrens up from the day care. They were very excited to see me.

After we left, we noticed large puddles, and so Mr Grunty & Ms Squeaky spent five minutes getting good use out of their rain boots. And yelling at each other when they got splashed. Mr Cuddles was very interested, and would laugh when I would jog in place.

When we got home, we went to look at the tiny tree that SnarkyKat gave me many moons ago. Mr Grunty saw a car drive up, “It’s MOMMY!!” he squealed with delight, pointing. Ms Squeaky started singing, “I see my mommy, I see my mah-meee…” tilting her head from left to right. When Mr Cuddles saw his mommy, he tried to dive out of my arms to get to her.


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