Sellevision is a bad book.

Sellevision, a novel by Augusten Burroughs is bad.

If you think that incest, stalking, statutory rape,  and adultery  are good fodder for humor, then maybe this book is for you. There is plenty of talk about fashion.

To make cheap gags, Mr Burroughs invents Celine Dion’s hit song from “Titanic II” or Joyce DeWitt’s age-appropriate facial creams.

Maybe, it’s supposed to be funny because of all the wacky scenarios…but if that’s what you want…PLEASE read Dave Barry instead. Dave Barry is funny.

Let me ruin it…a cable-shopping-network dude exposes himself on live TV because of a coffee mishap and loses his job. But eventually he finds success as a porn star.

Another host is stalked by a fan, turns to Valium & alcohol, whilst her husband starts having sex with the next door neighbor’s daughter, who is “sixteen. Well, almost.” The husband and his underage sex-buddy eventually end up happily-ever-after in Vegas. The stalker, was her eldest son.

Another host falls for a wonderful guy…but wait, after they have sex, they start talking about their pasts, AND is he her brother that her mother gave up for adoption?? (No, eventually the mother convinces her it isn’t.)

The only part I liked, besides it was short, was a few moments of life in the control room of live TV. That was interesting.

How does it end? A different host, because of a coffee spill, exposes herself on national TV.



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