little conversations

Mr Grunty “Is the sky up there?” holding his hands over his head.
Ms Squeaky, “No. That’s the ceiling.”
Mr G, “Is the sky outside?”
Ms S was starting to get frustrated, so I interjected. “Yes, the sky is outside.”


Mr Grunty, “That’s Cuddelz truck.”
Ms Squeaky, “It’s Cuddalls truck?”
Mr G, “yeah”
Ms S, “Here Cuddalls, here’s you truck. Grunty, lets go find papa.”


Mr Cuddles has learned that “Ahh-aah-AH” is the crawling game, and he enthusiastically participates. He also knows his name, and “no”, especially when we are telling him not to break into the TV stand.

This morning, Mr C had a breakdown of crying, because his big sister was having an emotional meltdown. He is a very sensitive guy.


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