walking Mr Cuddles!!

This weekend, we went to Vancouver WA to pick up my bro-in-law R, who just finished his internship.

Saturday night at the hotel, Mr Cuddles took his first solo steps. It was a good step, and then a stumble towards a fall. But his Mommy & I were very excited, and he shared our excitement.

By tonight, Mr Cuddles had mastered taking two steps when going between parents. Although, sometimes he did like to not walk, but just stage dive towards the other parent.

Mr Grunty & Ms Squeaky were very supportive and clapped and said “Yay!!” for their little brother.

(After Mr C crawled away, Ms S brought over her blue-baby, and was having it walk from her to MyBetterHalf and then clapping for blue-baby. Then Ms S wanted to walk back and forth between me & MyBetterHalf.)


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