Happy Birthday, Mr Cuddles!

Dear Mr Cuddles,
I am very happy that you picked us to be your family.

When you wake up in the morning, you stand in the corner of your crib, next to the door, and you will talk. When I go in to get you, you great me with a big smile, and give me a fantastic hug when I pick you up. You put your arms around my neck and squeeze, then bury your face into my neck and shoulder and rub your nose. You pull back to look up at my face, then give me another tight hug.

Last night, we were watching you, as you practised putting a round block in a circle block, first with one hand, and then the other. I wonder which hand you’ll have a preference with. Especially since, it seems when I give you a snack in the car, that I put it on your left side. Which reminds me, the other morning, when I was loading your brother & sister into the car, you already were in your seat, eating your snack, you started screaming. What was wrong? Was it a bee? Was it a bear?  No, your sleeve had fallen down, covering your left hand, and you could not eat your snack.

Tonight, you got your first official chocolate, (even though, I’m pretty sure you’ve stolen some before). You started by pinching the frosting, pulling it off and putting it on your tray. I gave you a sample of the frosting, and you realized it is the yum, and started eating it. You did not get your face, ears, hair all messy…like some one year-olds have been known to do.

After dinner, you practiced your solo walking between your mommy and me. Sometimes, really good two steps, other times, you just fell forward in a stage dive, there was lots of laughs from you. Then, you grabbed my finger, and your mommy’s finger and you took your parents for a walk around the living room.

Then while your mommy was supervising the potty training of your siblings, you and me and Oliver-kitty hung out in your bedroom. You crawled around, found stuff, pulled yourself up, tried to reach stuff, crawled around, attacked me, tried to pull Oliver’s tail. The best thing you found was a toddler drumstick, you thought the mallet side was very tasty.

After your long day, you were asleep by 8:30pm, and didn’t even wake up when Mr Grunty was screaming he didn’t want a pillow, yes he did want a pillow, no he didn’t…or by your sister loudly singing.

I love you Mr Cuddles, it has been a wonderful year for me.


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