stories from Vancouver

Remember, we went to Portland to rescue my Brother-in-Law R?

Uncle R…Ms Squeaky and Mr Grunty did not remember meeting their Uncle R, and so were very shy when they saw him again. Me & MyBetterHalf were talking to her aunt, and then Uncle R saw the toddlers doing something they shouldn’t and acting quickly, he scolded them. The toddlers freaked out. Mr Grunty was crying loudly and lots. Ms Squeaky was hyper-ventilating from screaming. There was a stranger telling them “stop”.  It took a few minutes to calm them down.

By the end of the day, all was good. And Mr G even asked to hold his Uncle-R’s hand as we walked across a parking lot.

You know how all parents think their childrens are perfectly behaved. Well, I just sorta feel sorry for any neighbors we had at the hotel. I think our childrens are pretty well behaved, and don’t make too much noise, but maybe I’m used to it. I was aware of the times when a toddler would scream for a minute when they didn’t get their way. And when Mr Cuddles was waking up and crying for a few minutes in the middle of the night. I wonder, do hotels try and group kids together in a noisy side of a building?

Mr Grunty has a red jacket. He calls it his red sweater. I put on my red flannel shirt, and Mr Grunty said, “You have a red shirt papa?…I have a red sweater. You wanna be like me, Papa?”  Yes, I told him, I do want to be like you my sweet boy.

We went to the awesome Powell’s Books in Portland.

Saturday night, when I got back from taking their Uncle-R to his home, Mr Cuddles smiled at me, one hand on the bed, and said, “gawk” and pointed from one side of the room to the other. MyBetterHalf and I think “gawk” means “walk”.

The toddlers were very happy to have a big queen sized bed of their very own. And it is funny, we were woken up a few times during the middle of the night by a fussy/sick MrCuddles, and each time, Mr Grunty & Ms Squeaky were perpendicular, although at a different angle than previous. Must be the twin connection.

We visited Portland Sunday, and rode the train for the toddlers.

On the way home, Ms Squeaky was singing…”go home, to home, we watch Barney and wear underwear.”

At dinner in Centralia, Mr Grunty was not in a good mood. He did not want anyone using the ketchup that was in front of him. I took him out of the restaurant, because he was screaming, and got him to eventually calm down. I gave him two M&Ms, just to get out of the bad-mood-feedback-loop. He ate one right away, and then said, “I give it to Skweeky” for the other M&M.  Funny, he’ll share chocolate, but not ketchup.


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