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taking turns

27 March, 2010

Ms Squeaky & MrGunty take turns in deciding how to entertain each other. From this week…

MrG – “Squeak, wait here for the bus”  (as they were standing on the big foam floor puzzle, whilst holding onto the HotWheels bus he was rewarded with)

MsS – “Ohh-kAYh.”

MrG – “OK, let’s count” (and they count to ten), “ready or not.”  (Now singing to the tune “Are You Sleeping”) “Where’s the bus, where the buh-uss, don’t I know, don’t I know…”

And a few minutes later they were running around the living room, squealing, “there’s a spider on the bus!”


And another time, MsS was sitting under the big table, eating holding her bowl of wheat-chex cereal.

“Grunty, do you wanna sit under the table an eat wheat snack?”

MrG “yeah-uh”

MsS “oh-KaY, come here” and she patted the floor. Mr G got his bowl of cereal and scrunched under the table beside her.

MsS “Close the door, Grunty”

MrG “OK” and he pulled the chair close to him.


The Language of Life – Francis Collins

22 March, 2010

The Language of Life by Francis Collins is a decent read. What excites me most is that Collins, currently the head of the National Institutes of Health, and previously the director of the Human Genome Project has written it. Here, we have an explanation of what was discovered with our tax dollars and why we should care.

I remember reading some scientists did not want Collins to lead the NIH, because he had written the apologetics “The Language of God”. I thought that was silly for two reasons, as scientists they should judge him by his work in the lab (evidently, it was decent enough) and not by what he does for fun. Second, one of the complaints about he Bush administration was the religious zealots were stifling scientific progress. And here was Collins, as a perfect bridge between the two cultures.

Collins had his DNA sequenced by three competing private companies, to compare results and he included some of the results in the index. This goes along with Collin’s belief that knowledge is power, and should be freely accessible. I will find it interesting to see how the future privacy-vs-protection debate plays out, and if the people will switch sides. ( “Conservatives” were ready to give up some privacy in the war on terror and the “liberals” were strongly opposed.) How should we give up our privacy, by having all of our genomes in a centralized database? Potentially, could easily see genetic causes for bad drug reactions. Potentially, genomic medicine could find the best medicines for us as individuals.

The section on how genes affect drug response was great (chapter 9). Short version …some drugs are delivered not in active form. Enzyme A must transform it to active form, where it interacts with Receptor B, and the drug is degraded by Enzyme C. If there are any genetic abnormalities with the production of A, B or C, then the drug will not have the desired effect.


saturday sunshine & singing

20 March, 2010

we went to the Quad today, the cherry blossoms are in bloom and it is beautiful. MyBetterHalf tried to capture a few photos of the childrens with cherry trees in the background.

Tonight, we planted the flowers the childrens picked out. They weren’t too thrilled about moving the flowers from flower pot to the ground, but MsSqueaky & MrGrunty enjoyed filling pots with dirt.

MrGrunty and MrCuddles got in an argument. MrG said something, Mr C said “No.” , Mr G said “yes” and they kept going back and forth, getting louder and louder. Mr G turned to me, “Papa, Cuddles said ‘no’.” I explained it is one of the few words Mr C knows.

Which reminds me, today in the car, Mr Cuddles was saying “da-da-da-da”, and Mr Grunty corrected him, “No, Cuddles, it’s ‘papa’!”

At bedtime, Mr G wanted Mr Cuddles to sing the “ABCD” song. MyBetterHalf, in a super high pitched, super squeaky voice started singing. Ms Squeaky sat up and said, “Look Grunty, my mommy is silly!” and they were laughing as she sang.

At bedtime,


19 March, 2010

tonight, after MyBetterHalf and I picked up the childrens, we went to buy flowers for them to plant in the garden. We coaxed them out of the daycare by saying we would go make a purchase for the garden. Mr Grunty wanted a blue garden, Ms Squeaky wanted a pink garden.

When we arrived at, Mr Grunty said he wanted blue and red flowers. Ms Squeaky wanted pink and purple flowers.

this morning

18 March, 2010

Ms Squeaky woke up early, and I think she liked hanging out with her mommy, all by herself.

I made oatmeal for breakfast, I am happy the childrens like it. To help make their day a little better, and because I am spoiling them, I plop the oatmeal and mold it into shapes in their bowls. Ms Squeaky got a “moon” (crescent), Mr Grunty got a circle. Well, whilst moving the bowl from kitchen to the table, the circle slid into a blob, and Mr Grunty was not happy. I had to get him a new bowl of oatmeal, and this time he wanted the oatmeal in the shape of a heart.

When we got to daycare, Ms Squeaky started chasing one of the boys, and they were running round and round a table. Mr Cuddles saw this, and wanted to join in, so he pushed away from me, and started crawling after them.


17 March, 2010

well, first, because I was so intent on writing, I forgot where we had parked the cars today. I take the childrens to daycare in the kidmobile, leave the kidmobile at the park-n-ride, and after work, I pick up the other-car, because MyBetterHalf has already got the kidmobile. Sometimes, when I’m running just a few minutes late, I go past the park-n-ride, and park on the big hill so I can catch the bus.

Writing…I’m discovering that writing 500+ words a day is easier than 200 words a day. It’s like I need to do a minimum to keep the story flowing.

So, I had to hike back up the hill.

When I got home, Ms Squeaky, from the kitchen yelled, “I hear papa!” and ran out of the kitchen and into my arms to give me a hug. Then Mr Grunty ran and gave me a hug. Mr Cuddles was already eating dinner in his high-chair and stretched out to try and reach me. He laughs when I reach back. His favorite thing-of-the-now, I put a toy sand-sieve/scoop in my mouth, and shake my head. He really is amused by that. So much that MyBetterHalf heard him laughing so loudly, she had to ask, “what are you doing to him.” Just being silly-lookin’, that’s all.

Dinner, Mr G didn’t like the guacamole or the canned peaches, and he cried when a bit of chicken fell out of his taquito. Ms S couldn’t stay still, kept running around, and finally sat on my lap and I fed her veggies. Yes, I am spoon-feeding a 2.5 year old, just so I can get her to eat her veggies. She finds it funny.

MyBetterHalf gave MrC a bath whilst MsS and MrG sat on their potty-chairs and watched “Dora the Explorer”. Yeah, we are using TV to keep them sitting still. I feel hypocritical about it.

After bath, we had story time.

Bed time …Ms Squeaky & Mr Grunty are now in the mood to sleep on the floor on their camping mats. OK. They wanted me to stay in their room tonight with them. I did. But then they both wanted to lay on the little blanket I was laying on. Then they wanted to lay on me. Since they couldn’t stay still, and I kept getting jabbed with knees and elbows, I left.

three toddlers

15 March, 2010

yeah…we have three toddlers…OK, one toddler and two pre-schoolers.

Mr Cuddles, he can go upto five steps solo, and he’s started doing it all by himself, without a parent to be close to catch him. I’m sure soon I’ll be posting about his wicked forehead scars.

Ms Squeaky and Mr Grunty, the other day I realized, they can eat a HappyMeal all by themselves. It is so adorably cute to watch them. I wonder if my parents feel the same about me driving a car?

tissue rule

14 March, 2010

So, this morning in sermon I learned the tissue rule. When someone is crying, wait until they look for a tissue before you offer them one.

If you just offer them a tissue, it implies that you are uncomfortable with their display of emotions, which, possibly they need to express.

By letting them go through their grieving, you are being supportive of them.


13 March, 2010

when Ms Squeaky and Mr Grunty are eating their cheerios, sometimes they will show & tell me the shapes that they make when the cheerios are grouped together

  • three (in triangle formation) = a bicycle
  • four = diamond
  • five = flower
  • six = leaf

The Book of Basketball – Bill Simmons

12 March, 2010

It was alright entertainment.

It was 700 pages. Best if read in small doses. Or, if just read the chapters about the players that interest you. I considered it a challenge. I’m sure it would have been funnier if I knew more about porn.

The secret about basketball: “It’s not about basketball.”

I wish I could write like Sarah Vowel, I’m sure I write more like Bill Simmons.