Spokane trip part 2

Bedtimes went…well…OK, I guess. Even though the adults got to bed early, due to the lights out around 9pm, we still felt tired. MyBetterHalf kept waking up due to the noises the childrens make, she tells me they all talk in their sleep. I wasn’t really used to the hotel, and felt groggy in the morning. Mr Cuddles refused to lay down in his playpen, and so, inorder not to have a screaming one year old we would snuggle him next to us. And we discovered his latest passion, conducting a symphony. He would wave his arms around and sing, and then clap his hands. All whilst he was supposed to be going to sleep.

Ms Squeaky fell out of the bed once.

Ms S & Mr G, once again shared a queen sized bed, and once again, appeared to stay in parallel alignment, one morning they had turned 90 degrees, and Ms S head was right by Mr G feet.

Monday morning, Ms Squeaky was feeding all three of the baby dolls cheerios, using her high pitched talking-to-baby voice, “here go…here’s a cheerio. Eat it.”

Monday morning, Mr Grunty informed me, “I like Grandpa’s car,” (Grandpa has a sporty little car)    “Grandpa’s car is red. My sweater is red.”

It was snowing in the pass, which is always a bit stressful, but it wasn’t that bad, we’ve driven through much worse. On the way back, I sat in the back with the childrens, which made it easy for me to get them snacks, or toys, or books. However, then I could see Mr Cuddles when he fell asleep, and his chin tucked into his check making him look very uncomfortable, so I propped up his head, leaning over for two hours, so he wouldn’t choke in his sleep. lYes, I know it’s an irrational fear. Children have been falling asleep in car seats, chin pressed against their chest since the beginning of time, but still, it weirds me out and I do not like the look of it.

One fun part of sitting next to Mr Cuddles, he and I got to play. I would offer my finger, and he would pull me close to him. Or, I would tickle his face and neck. Once, I tickled a foot, he pulled away laughing, and a moment later put his foot next to my fingers so I could tickle him again. I would hold cheerios in my hand, he would grab a few in both hands, using his left hand first, feed himself one fistful of cheerio, then pick up another cheerio, offer it to me, smile when I leaned over to eat from his hand, and then he would have his second fist of cheerio. Such a good sharing boy.

Monday night, we finally got home. The best part for me, I was doing a bit of laundry, and heard lots of laughs from the living room. I went out there to see MyBetterHalf take a small foam soccer ball, bounce it off her head towards Ms Squeaky, who then picked it up and threw it back. Soon, we boys wanted to play to. Mr Grunty was kicking a different foam ball, yelling and laughing “I got it! I got it!” laughing harder when parent kicked away from him. Mr Cuddles was watching, standing at the sofa, smiling, giggling, bouncing on his feet a bit, and I got his hands and we walked into the fray of foam and feet and laughter. He enjoyed playing along. And a couple of times Mr Grunty pointed to the foam ball and said, “kick it Cuddelz, kick it” and we would go that way and he would step on the ball and it would scoot away.


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