back from vacation

…back to normality after our Spokane vacation.

Ms Squeaky has the cutest pronunciation of “OK”. The “O” is short, but quickly rises up in pitch, and then the “Kay” is stretched out, slowly descending in pitch. She only uses this pronunciation when it is her entire response, if “OK” is only part of a sentence, then there is no special pronunciation.

Tuesday morning, while we were waking up, getting ready to go Ms Squeaky was filling her baby’s stroller with toys.
Mr Grunty walked up to her, “I wanna put stuff in you stol-der.”
Ms Squeaky “Oh-Kaay”
Mr G “Here something in the stol-der the baby”
Ms S “Oh-Kaay”

Later, MsS and MrG pulled out a felt “book” for infants that stretches out into a line (no pages, just a long strip). They laid it on the ground, and started jumping from one page to the next.
Ms S “Wanna play a game? One more time, get ready to go.” she said before she started to hop. They kept repeating “one more time, get ready to go” each time they went to the start.

Later, MsS and MrG were sitting on the sofa, reading “the Night Before Christmas” to each other. MsS was happy to discover that the pages were squeaky if you pressed your fingers against them just right.

That morning, Mr Cuddles was standing up, leaning against me, then shouted out, “go! go! go! go!” and took off walking towards the center of the room, into the great wide open. He made it about four steps, which is normal, and slowly crouched down to his hands and knees. But this time, there was no person or thing as a destination.

When we got to the daycare, all of the other children were excited to see them return, and stood in the hallway entrance excitedly.


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