well, first, because I was so intent on writing, I forgot where we had parked the cars today. I take the childrens to daycare in the kidmobile, leave the kidmobile at the park-n-ride, and after work, I pick up the other-car, because MyBetterHalf has already got the kidmobile. Sometimes, when I’m running just a few minutes late, I go past the park-n-ride, and park on the big hill so I can catch the bus.

Writing…I’m discovering that writing 500+ words a day is easier than 200 words a day. It’s like I need to do a minimum to keep the story flowing.

So, I had to hike back up the hill.

When I got home, Ms Squeaky, from the kitchen yelled, “I hear papa!” and ran out of the kitchen and into my arms to give me a hug. Then Mr Grunty ran and gave me a hug. Mr Cuddles was already eating dinner in his high-chair and stretched out to try and reach me. He laughs when I reach back. His favorite thing-of-the-now, I put a toy sand-sieve/scoop in my mouth, and shake my head. He really is amused by that. So much that MyBetterHalf heard him laughing so loudly, she had to ask, “what are you doing to him.” Just being silly-lookin’, that’s all.

Dinner, Mr G didn’t like the guacamole or the canned peaches, and he cried when a bit of chicken fell out of his taquito. Ms S couldn’t stay still, kept running around, and finally sat on my lap and I fed her veggies. Yes, I am spoon-feeding a 2.5 year old, just so I can get her to eat her veggies. She finds it funny.

MyBetterHalf gave MrC a bath whilst MsS and MrG sat on their potty-chairs and watched “Dora the Explorer”. Yeah, we are using TV to keep them sitting still. I feel hypocritical about it.

After bath, we had story time.

Bed time …Ms Squeaky & Mr Grunty are now in the mood to sleep on the floor on their camping mats. OK. They wanted me to stay in their room tonight with them. I did. But then they both wanted to lay on the little blanket I was laying on. Then they wanted to lay on me. Since they couldn’t stay still, and I kept getting jabbed with knees and elbows, I left.


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