this morning

Ms Squeaky woke up early, and I think she liked hanging out with her mommy, all by herself.

I made oatmeal for breakfast, I am happy the childrens like it. To help make their day a little better, and because I am spoiling them, I plop the oatmeal and mold it into shapes in their bowls. Ms Squeaky got a “moon” (crescent), Mr Grunty got a circle. Well, whilst moving the bowl from kitchen to the table, the circle slid into a blob, and Mr Grunty was not happy. I had to get him a new bowl of oatmeal, and this time he wanted the oatmeal in the shape of a heart.

When we got to daycare, Ms Squeaky started chasing one of the boys, and they were running round and round a table. Mr Cuddles saw this, and wanted to join in, so he pushed away from me, and started crawling after them.


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