saturday sunshine & singing

we went to the Quad today, the cherry blossoms are in bloom and it is beautiful. MyBetterHalf tried to capture a few photos of the childrens with cherry trees in the background.

Tonight, we planted the flowers the childrens picked out. They weren’t too thrilled about moving the flowers from flower pot to the ground, but MsSqueaky & MrGrunty enjoyed filling pots with dirt.

MrGrunty and MrCuddles got in an argument. MrG said something, Mr C said “No.” , Mr G said “yes” and they kept going back and forth, getting louder and louder. Mr G turned to me, “Papa, Cuddles said ‘no’.” I explained it is one of the few words Mr C knows.

Which reminds me, today in the car, Mr Cuddles was saying “da-da-da-da”, and Mr Grunty corrected him, “No, Cuddles, it’s ‘papa’!”

At bedtime, Mr G wanted Mr Cuddles to sing the “ABCD” song. MyBetterHalf, in a super high pitched, super squeaky voice started singing. Ms Squeaky sat up and said, “Look Grunty, my mommy is silly!” and they were laughing as she sang.

At bedtime,


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