oatmeal this morning

We’ve come to a point of compromise with MsSqueaky & MrGrunty, they sit on their potty for 8 minutes, listening for the time, without the TV. Then, they can watch a show. They cheer when they hear the time go off.

I made oatmeal while they were watching their show, and MrCuddles was gnawing on blocks.

I put the oatmeal in the shape of an “o”, (around the edges of the bowl).

I started with Mr Cuddles, and as soon as he saw the oatmeal, he opened his mouth very very wide. I was a little surprised he didn’t unlock his jaw, as a snake does when swallowing something bigger than its torso. When the spoon of oatmeal got close, he lunged forward, and snapped down on the spoon, pulling back with a mouthful of oatmeal and a victorious grin.

Well, I did the shape of the oatmeal wrong for MrGrunty. He wanted a circle, not an “O”  (oatmeal all in the center of the bowl). He started throwing a fit, “no, no, no”.   Mr Cuddles was excited, because this was a word he knows, and he started repeating his brother.  Mr Grunty thought he was being mocked, and told his brother “No”.  This went on for a bit, MrG was very upset, MrC thought it was very fun.

MsSqueaky just chowed down on her oatmeal.


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