March Maddness at Cato

The Cato Institute is very consistent. I like that. They believe that less government is better.  I don’t always agree with them, but I appreciate where they are coming from, and that they don’t let politics get in the way of their ideology.

Neal McCluskey asks, “Is Public College Football Killing Private Schools’ Basketball?” And has a rambling essay that talks about the glory days of …1985.

However, if we check the data, the best year for the NCAA championship was 1979, Michigan State (with Magic Johnson) -vs- Indian State (with Larry Bird). Why is this the “best” year? Because it had the highest amount of TV viewers. The 1985 game does not break the top 5.

McCluskey claims that small private schools can not compete against large public schools. I would like to remind him that the two best basketball colleges in my home state, Gonzaga & UW, one is private and small, one is public and big, and both have successful programs.

I assume in a case when a government sponsored program does something better than a private sponsored program, that Cato will simply cry, “it’s not fair.”

Please don’t let your ideology get in the way of your sports enjoyment.



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