I’m an idiot. Friday morning, I asked the childrens if they wanted to go to the beach or the zoo on Saturday. Naturally they were very excited that we were going to the beach, right then. MrGrunty informed me, “we go to the beach, last night we went to the zoo. We saw pig, a cow, a dinosaur…”  When I explained the plans were for the next day, they weren’t too happy with me.

So, this morning, we asked them, “what do you guys wanna do today?”

“Puzzles!”  MsSqueaky & MrGrunty shouted back enthusiastically.

Because I wanted to, in spite of the gray cloud cover, cool temperature and threatening rains, we took the childrens to the beach. By the time we got their, MrCuddles had fallen asleep, and it was raining. MyBetterHalf cheerfully volunteered to stay with sleeping toddler, and instructed me not to be out in the rain too long with our preschoolers.

We had to walk across a bridge that went over train tracks, and we were lucky enough to see a train approach. I held them, because I knew it would be loud, and they both jumped when the train whistle blew.

At the beach, we were alone. I was looking under rocks for crabs, but only found a worm. MsSqueaky was looking for frogs, I didn’t correct her that amphibians aren’t on the beach. MrGrunty was picking up interesting rocks.  We went down to the waves, and stood in the 3 inch surf for a minute, because we wore our rain boots, MsS liked that more than MrG did. In fact she didn’t want to hold my hand, but I told her she had to. When we were heading back to the kid-mobile,  up at the hide tide mark, the childrens were playing on the logs. Finally, I got them to head back. As we crossed the bridge over the train tracks, what did we hear? A chorus of frogs.


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  1. akbar Says:

    frogs lol

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