Wed, April 7th-

Mr Grunty & Ms Squeaky were both awake to wave bye to their mommy. She tried to sneak into their room to quietly tell MrCuddles “bye”, but that woke him. The poor boy was groggy, and not ready to be awake. When MyBetterHalf went outside, she went to the window to wave at the childrens. Mr Grunty was at the table, enthralled in a puzzle. She waved and blew kisses to the children, MsS and MrC put their hands on the window. When she got in the car, Mr Grunty realized he hadn’t said “bye” to mommy, and ran over to the window, yelling “mommy-mommy-mommy”. But she was already in the car, and running late. MrG was about to freak out, but I flashed the porch lights, and MyBetterHalf flashed the car lights at MrGrunty, and rolled down the window and waved as she was driving away.

Later that morning, MrG and MsS informed me that their babies were sleepy, and so they went to their bedroom, brought blankets to the living room, arranged the blankets on the floor next to each other, laid down with their babies and told me to be quiet because their babies were sleeping.

When it was time to go, I asked MsS if she needed me to help her with her socks. “No, papa. Grunty, put my socks on” And MrG said, “OK” can sat on the floor, while she was on the couch, and put socks on his sister’s feet.

Once outside, they picked up the chalk, which for some reason we keep beside the steps outside, and started drawing on the steps.

sometimes…ya just gotta cry. And sometimes, that leads to a negative-emotional-feedback-loop. One morning, MsSqueaky, angry that I put pants on her, screamed at me for 45 minutes. At first it was just yelling, but then screaming, then laying on the floor screeching. I tried a few things to see if I could break the feedback-loop. No. So I went about getting ready, with her screaming. Finally, I asked her if she wanted to lay down on Mommy&Papa’s bed. “yes” she whimpered. And I took her in there, and she hung out. A few minutes later I asked her to help me pick out a shirt to wear, and she liked doing that. That’s one thing I love about children, they don’t hold a grudge.


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