preschool garden

today, when the childrens were napping, and after I watched some NBA, I did yard chores.

While out there, I noticed the childrens flowers we planted in their garden patch ain’t doing so good.

I went inside, and saw MrGrunty, and asked if he wanted to do farm work. He said yes, and started singing old McDonald. Soon, after diaper changes, and cookie snacks, he, MsSqueaky and I were on the steps of the deck, picking the seeds out of radish seed pods. Tiny seeds, but the childrens were pretty good at getting the seeds in the collection container.

Then we went over to their garden plot, and I showed them to pick up a seed, and put it in the furrow, and cover it with dirt. They did wonderful.  I am very proud of them.

Then we went over to the overgrown strawberry spot, and they pulled a few weeds with me, after I showed them what they should pull. We only lost one strawberry leaf, they did awesome. They even remembered where the compost bin is, and took the weeds over to it.

In the mean time, MyBetterHalf was watching MrCuddles on the deck. He really liked going over to the new metal trash can and banging on it.


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