Time Spike

I don’t like time travel stories with their paradoxes, changing the future by stepping on a butterfly, and going back to play it all perfect.

None-the-less…I read Eric Flint’s Time Spike. Quickly. I justify me staying consistent by saying, Time Spike is more about what if normal people were put in a crazy new environment, which, just happens to be …the past. And I’m a sucker for “how do you survive in a crazy environment” stories.

The normal folks…prison guards. Along with the maximum security prison. Transported to the past, but lots of different parts of the past, so you have Cherokee, Conquistadors, and dinosaurs. Who doesn’t love that?

I was entertained.

The writing was, eh. The plot, predictable. The characters, two dimensional and I didn’t care about them. The romance sections, HORRIBLE. There were interludes with scientists trying to figure out what happened, which didn’t contribute to the story at all, except as a alleged “rational” explanation for the crazy happening.

It did get me thinking…would we be susceptible to germs from the Jurassic? Would the dinosaurs be susceptible to our germs. Would grass, which evidently was not around with dinosaurs, if a bit turf take over the planet?

Best quote “[he] noticed before that most American intellectuals were astonishingly ignorant about any and all military affairs. In that respect, quite unlike the British intellectuals…. He supposed it was a residue from the Vietnam War. American intellectuals tended to see that was as a manifestation of imperialist behavior, which they’d not expected from their country. …Whereas British or French intellectuals simply took it for granted that empires were empires and did what empires did.” (pg 39)


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