Happy Fourteen Months!

Dear Mr Cuddles,

can you believe it’s been 14 months? Time flies, my boy, time flies.

These days you are really interested in the kitties. You see them, you get a big smile and start laughing, and walk over to them. Sophie-kitty runs a few feet away as soon as you touch a single hair of her fur. But it must be a game between you two, or she’s just lazy, because a few moments later you are laughing and just about to grab a fistful of Sophie’s poof. Oliver kitty is a bit kinder, he lets you pet him, you prefer to pet his back from tail towards head, against the grain of the fur. But he doesn’t mind. Then, you notice his long sleek tail, and you want to grab it. Luckily, he hasn’t scratched you yet. He does have limits to his patience, just ask you sister.

You’ve been sick the past few days.  Which was strange for us because you were uncharacteristically cranky, and didn’t hardly eat any of your food. Though, you did chow down on the watermelon.

Normally, you eat whatever we put on your tray. Enthusiastically. Sometimes, I think you eat a bigger dinner than your brother & sister combined. When you are done eating, and a parent tries to give you more, you vigorously push our hand away.

The other evening, you were wandering around the living room, and you had crammed a block almost entirely into your mouth. I said, “MrCuddles, please take the block out of your mouth.”  You stopped, took the block out, and then put the block in the box.

The other morning, I saw you, standing at the couch, there was an open book before you, you were jabbering lots, pointing to parts of the pictures, and then turning the page. Good job, my boy, good job.


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