May 7th

The daycare was closed, so I took the day off.

We set up a play date, early in the morning with Fin (son of JenBud), and by telling Mr Grunty & MsSqueaky we were going to the park, coaxed them out of the house in a timely fashion.

At the playground at the BirthdayPark, we discovered that there was still dew on the slides, and MsS and MrG did not want to get their pants wet.  MrG & MsS had fun, playing with each other most of the time, climbing up the slides, (yelling “I did it” at the top), or taking turns pushing each other on the merry-go-round. Mr Cuddles and Fin were wandering around, Fin, a mere two months older, was teaching tricks, like how to climb of the steps of the big toy. MrC was very happy, and later, wanted to practice his climbing skills on the fence.

I am trying to program into my children an awareness of where their siblings are, and will ask one of them, from time to time, where the others are. It’s a nice park, because it is fenced in play area, so more difficult for them to wander away.

After a while, Mr G said, “papa, I wanna go play on the fee-ald”. And to our good fortune, Fin had a soccer ball. I wasn’t sure if it would work. JenBud wasn’t worried if my kids stole the ball from Fin. I told her I was worried about them fighting each other for it. But, it all went well, they took turns getting it, and then throwing or kicking it to someone else.

Then we went to the softball diamond, drew in the dirt, put dirt on the bases, and, MrCuddles ate the dirt.

After the park, we went to see MyBetterHalf for a lunch date. After lunch, we walked around a pond, and saw dragonflies and bees in flowers.


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