NBA playoffs – part 3

game #6 watched – Suns -vs- Spurs, game 3


Ginobili is fearless, playing with a broken nose, still drives into traffic, dives on the floor for loose ball.

Could Parker slow down Nash? well, doesn’t look like it. And, for some reason, they had Duncan guarding Nash at times, which usually resulted in Nash stepping back, and shooting over Duncan. So much for a height advantage.

At one point, Suns were down by 18, but they slowly, methodically crawled their way back, and then went on to win by 14.

I like how Suns coach has faith in his bench players, letting them get their minutes, keeping them in even if they make a mistake or two. This is good for resting Nash and other starters, and builds moral, gives experience to the bench. Great plan. And when his replacement, Dragic, was having a good performance, Nash was leading the cheering section. I feel this team has good chemistry.

Will the Suns sweep the series?  I don’t know. Looks like it. But I would never count the Spurs out.


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