NBA playoffs – part 4

game #7 watched – Suns at Lakers, game 2

First quarter, nice passing by the Lakers, bad turnovers by the Suns. Boo. Did you see Fisher step in front of Amare, and Amare pick up the offensive foul. Fisher is good, wise and brave. ….

Half-time…Locker room chat from coaches. I’m sure we just saw an edited clip, but still, I think the series is being decided right here…

Phil Jackson, “they got 2 offensive rebounds off of missed free throws”…wow, Lakers are up, and Phil looks at the only stat the Suns are better than the Lakers. Phil finds the one weakness of his team.

Coach Gentry, “…if we’re gonna go down…”  CURSES!!  What kind of horrible coaching is “hey, guys, if we’re gonna lose…”

The Suns fought back, tied up the game…but lost by 12. You happy Coach Gentry?

Drat, I hate the Lakers.

Hoping that Boston can beat them.


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