saturday stories

This morning, we woke up early, because the childrens don’t know the meaning of “weekend”. I know, soon enuff, they’ll be teenagers, sleeping in ’til noon.

It was chilly, cloudy, and drizzling,…so we told the childrens we were going to an “indoor park” today. MsSqueaky was very excited to be going to a “Dora Park”. On the ride there, MrGrunty tried to explain “in door park”, but she kept saying “Dora park”. Mr Cuddles was very amused watching his older sibling argue.

We ended up at the ChildrensMuseum, and all three of them loved it. There were several parts, and we would have to drag them away from their favorite part, only to find that the next part was even better. They had a trio of musicians playing folks songs and teaching folk dances. MrG and MsS preferred to just watch, but I held their hands and we went out and tried to dance along. They are very shy around strangers, but I was surprised that MsS did hold a stranger’s hand during a dance.

Tonight, after their naps, I took them out to their garden, and showed them how to harvest their radishes and trim the leaves, and put the leaves in composting. MsS didn’t like the radish, it was spicy. MrG liked it. Then later they helped me plant two tomato plants, and a row of pole-beans.


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