NBA playoffs – part 7

Spurs @ Suns, game 2, on Cinco de Mayo

In honor of Cinco de mayo, the Suns were wearing their Los Suns jerseys. And also on the same night of the game, the Reverend Al Sharpton was in town to lead a march in protest of Arizona’s new anti-illegal-immigrant law. To the credit of the Suns owner, he called the law “flawed”. Before the game, the TNT announcer mentioned this, and then Charles Barkley said the law was foolish, the Hispanic community is the cloth of Arizona, and that we need the Feds to step up and deal with the problem so that small time politicians wouldn’t make fools of themselves. Chris Webber chimed in, that it’s no surprise, that Chuck D was singing “when I get back to Arizona” in protest of Arizona not even wanting an MLK day back in the 90s. The white TNT announcer then said, “…let’s talk some basketball”.

1st quarter, Suns down by nine.

Half-time, Suns caught up.

Suns won.

I noticed, Nash will dribble to the left of the backboard, cut around the baseline, and then swing a quick pass out across to a 3 point shooter. He did this twice, (which is why I noticed). Looking for it later, no. But I saw his other options, a layup, or a hand-off to Stoudemire.  (Oh, and I think I’m finally learning what a pick-n-roll is…I know…and after all those Jazz games I watched in the 90s.)

It is humorous to watch Nash do his two pretend free-throws before each shot. But hey, it helps him lead the league in free-throws made!


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