today with Mr Cuddles

Dear Mr Cuddles,

here was your day…

You woke up screaming about 6:10AM. I rushed in to get you, because I didn’t want you to wake your brother and sister. You quickly gulped down half of your 9 ounce bottle, and we hung out for a bit. Your mommy held you for a few minutes, and then she had to leave. You protested LOUDLY, you wanted her to stay and snuggle you. She didn’t want to leave, and was sad at your crying. You were so mad you didn’t even look out the window at her, as you normally do, smiling, banging on the window.

That woke up MsSqueaky. She came out to the living room, shuffling her feet, and sat next to  us on the couch.  You were finishing your bottle. I asked her if she would like to give you a hug, she smiled, and stretched out her arms. I helped you over to her, and you both were smiling, giving each other a big hug.

You and me hung out together today. We did some shopping. We got a smoothie, which you did not want to share with me. Even after your lips turned cold.

Speaking of sharing, at lunch, you thought it was hilarious to offer me a blueberry and then pull it away when I got close.

You chased the cats around the house, saying “ah-Kch, Kch, kchh” (which I think is kitty.) Sophie avoided you, she’s that way with children, they freak her out. Oliver will let you pet him, and mostly you pet nicely, although about half the time you pet him backwards (from tail to head). And sometimes he will rub against you to show that he likes you. Or owns you. You never can be sure with kitties.

Tonight, after dinner, because you brother wanted to see the buses, we drove by the bus station. You pointed to one, turned to your mommy, who was next to you in the middle of the kid-mobile, and said, “ah-buh, buh, buh”.

When we got home, you and Mr Grunty were chasing each other around the house. He had the little popper-mower. You would run behind, smiling and laughing. One point you tripped, and decided to just crawl, and started doing the sounds of the crawling game…I was going to join. But MrG said, “Papa, Cuddles wants to play with me.” And away you two went.


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