reading, spelling, counting

This evening, Mr Grunty got the big book of Mother Goose and was flipping the pages. Me, being lazy, just sat on the floor, not reading to my boy. Then Mr G starts reading, he would first tell us to look at the picture, and then name things in the picture and what they were doing.

“Look at the sky. And one is on the plane in the sky.”

The other evening, MyBetterHalf quietly told me, “I’m going to go get a C-O-O-K-I-E.” From across the room Ms Squeaky yelled out, “I wanna cookie!”

The other morning, whilst getting things ready in the kitchen, Ms Squeaky comes up to the gate and asks, “Papa can you count?”  I was very happy that my girl wanted to do counting with me, maybe she likes math as much as I do. So I started, “one…two…” and then Mr Grunty comes running around the corner and gives his sister a toy. She smiles and says, “Sank you Grunty.”

(If our children need to do something, we do the classic parental Count-to-Three.)


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