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more playdates!

31 July, 2010

oh my goodness, I am getting tired.

Or, as MsSqueaky would say, “Hims tie-urd”.  I love her little grammatical choices, “Him’s over there”…  “I getting big”…

So, last night, we went to see SarahStG and her family. I haven’t seen them, since her daughter K was less than one, eating pepperoni in my kitchen whilst I celebrated being 30 years old. Yeah, ten years ago. Well, I don’t get to Holland very often. We went to Magnusson park and there was a little HFS reunion. Most of the time, I spent walking back and forth from Kite Hill to the rocky beach, because MrGrunty wanted to organize the rocks. Or MsSqueaky wanted to go see her mommy.

Today, we went down to hang out with 3 yr old Milo, and his daddy. (His mommy is fighting cancer.) Milo had a wagon, and my three children were very excited to ride in it. Except it would only fit two children at a time. They played at a park. It was cute, there were a couple of big kids, that were running the slide like a business. At the top of the stair, the boy said, “Ticket please”. If one didn’t have a ticket, they were told, “You can go for free this time, but next time please bring a ticket.” At the bottom of the slide the girl said, “Thank you for riding on our slide. We hope to see you again soon.” And if they hadn’t had a ticket, then she picked up a wood chip and said, “Here’s your ticket for next time.”


Animal farm

30 July, 2010

today, we went to the Animal Farm in Forest Park with our friend Steff and her boy. MsSqueaky liked the rabbits, and petting the goat. MrG, who had been excited to go to the farm, was stand-off-ish. MrCuddles was showing his new friend how to sneak wood chips past parentals so you could eat them later.

After that, we went back up the big hill to the playground, where, lots of kids in a summer camp were hanging out and playing. At times MrG was intimidated by the bigger kids running past. MsSqueaky was showing her independence, and, we learned, that she knows how to get into a swing all by herself. She also had fun playing in the water park there. MrCuddles was climbing all around, and was brave enough to get near the chaotic water spouts, but ran back when they started getting him wet.

At home, nap time…MrCuddles kept his brother & sister awake, first, by crying, because he did not want to be in bed. Then, he humored them, I think by mocking his parents, he would shake his head, and then yell “No!” while pointing his finger at them.

Point Defiance Zoo

29 July, 2010

today, we went and picked up my mommy and went to the Point Defiance Zoo.

MsSqueaky & MrGrunty had lots of fun, just like last summer, but in different ways. MrGrunty really wanted to see the lion, of which they don’t have. He did want to see a jellyfish, which they do have. MsSqueaky was brave this year and fed the goats, right out of her hand. Their little “kisses” as they licked the food out of her fingers tickled her. MrG didn’t want to feed the goats.

This year, MrG & MsS wanted to play on the playground equipment. They really loved the “RiverRunOtterSlide”, it is about 20 feet long, with curves. And after a while of watch the three year olds climb up the stairs, and go down the slide, we were brave enuff to let MrCuddles go down the slide. It is the biggest slide he’s ever been solo on, and he really enjoyed it.

When watching the walrus, as it passed by the underground glass, MrCuddles would say, “Wooh”.

MrG & MsS enjoyed watching the otters get fed, and with great interest watched the mommy tiger clean her cubs .


28 July, 2010

so…this week is vacation at the daycare. So MyBetterHalf took the week off to spend with the childrens and I am off Wed – Fri for our stay-cation.

Today, we met up with a few of our friends (Aki & JenBud), and their respective boys, and hung out at drop-in-playtime at our church. The adults even got a chance to talk with each other. One topic of conversation, how it is annoying when authors suddenly drop in a portal, or some other easy way out for the protagonist. Also the whole fate of the hero. Or “everybody has special powers.”

That was one good thing about Lord of the Rings. The hero was Sam. And his special power was loyalty to his friend.

Most of the time, the childrens all got along. Well, except when it came to sharing the Thomas Train.

I pulled out markers, and helped all five of the kids color.

MrGrunty & I played ball.

MsSqueaky hung out on my lap, and listened to us old folks talk for a bit, then she went to the other side of the room, all alone, and played with four baby dolls. When I went to ask her if I could play she said, “Papa go. The babies are sleeping.”

MrCuddles was very happy to have other kids to play with, and was playing peekaboo.

17 month words

25 July, 2010

Hi Mr Cuddles,

this morning, in celebration of you being seventeen months old, you were using lots of words. Yay!

I told you, “I love you.” And then you repeated with “ay-luh-oo”, it made me smile. And you did it a few more times even telling your mommy.

On way to church, your sister saw me sneaking a breakfast pastry, she wanted some. The your brother did. I said, “we need to share with MrCuddles.” And you reiterated “share”.

After church, in the restaurant I asked you where MsSqueaky was. You said, “eye-uh-no”, which translated for the audience is “I don’t know”.

At home, you were at one of your favorite places, the gate to the kitchen, I asked you to shut it. And you did, saying “shut”.

Thanks for learning lots of new words, my sweet cuddly boy!

this morning

21 July, 2010

This morning, I was carrying around MrCuddles, because he needed to be held. Maybe he was a bit jealous that his brother and sister left him in his crib, whilst they crawled into Mommy & Papa’s bed at 4 and 5 this morning.

As I was holding him, while picking clothes out, MrGrunty comes hopping around the corner. “Papa, I’m a frog!”  I told the frog “hi” and then, out of nowhere, the frog attacked me! I yelled out for help, but MsSqueaky was on my bed, she was stuck. MrGrunty then stood up.

“I help you,” he said.

“No, I too big,” MsSqueaky replied.

“I getting big. Hold on to my hand. You won’t get an owie,” he told her.

Tonight…we went to lneighborhood gathering at the BirthdayPark. There were bounce houses, live music, sno-cones. Standing in the dinner line, we met someone who has twins in the local elementary school. She says it’s the districts policy to seperate twins, so that they can easier be their own person. That makes me a bit sad. Because I read a book, about growing up a twin, and one pair was horrified at first day of school, where not only were they being left at a strange new place, but that their best friend was taken away, they didn’t understand why they were being punished.

I think, at their pre-school, they do different things, and aren’t always with each other. So that’s good. I just am afraid for school, what if one makes friends right away, and the other is all alone in their classroom?

I’m scared.

attacked, again

15 July, 2010

This morning. It was dinosaurs that attacked me. I fear what it will be tomorrow.


14 July, 2010

This morning, MrGrunty comes up to me and says, “Papa, jump like a frog”. So, I got down and started hopping around like a frog. Then, MrG, with his arms stretched out in front of his face, and hands clasped together, said, “Papa, I’m an alligator” and then I was attacked by the alligator. I hopped as fast as I could, but was trapped, because, MsSqueaky was an alligator to.

Mr Cuddles, sitting innocently on his scooter-car, never saw the alligator attack coming.

childrens are farmers

11 July, 2010

We have radishes, I can grow those, even from seeds I harvested over the past couple of years. Mr Grunty really likes to help me pull them out of the ground. When I ask MsSqueaky if she wants to pull them, she defers. Maybe they’re to prickly, maybe to dirty. It sorta made me sad, but not gonna force the issue. She does like to eat them, “…it’s not spicey” she declairs.

The other day in my corn patch, I was pulling a few weeds, and chopping a few with a hand shovel. MsSqueaky soon joined me with her little hand shovel. I showed her what to pull, and she exictedly pulled weeds, exclaiming “I did it” when she got a tough bunch of grass out.  Yay! she does like gardening.

The other day, we all got home at the same time, and standing in the front yard I asked, who wants to go get strawberries? All of them started for the gate, but MrCuddles was running. When the gate was closed, MrG was trying to figure out how to open it. He wasn’t quick enough, and MrCuddles shoved him out of the way, and started trying to force open the gate by shaking it and yelling. He likes his strawberries. When he gets one, after eating it, he tells us, “MMMMMMMMMM…”