childrens are farmers

We have radishes, I can grow those, even from seeds I harvested over the past couple of years. Mr Grunty really likes to help me pull them out of the ground. When I ask MsSqueaky if she wants to pull them, she defers. Maybe they’re to prickly, maybe to dirty. It sorta made me sad, but not gonna force the issue. She does like to eat them, “…it’s not spicey” she declairs.

The other day in my corn patch, I was pulling a few weeds, and chopping a few with a hand shovel. MsSqueaky soon joined me with her little hand shovel. I showed her what to pull, and she exictedly pulled weeds, exclaiming “I did it” when she got a tough bunch of grass out.  Yay! she does like gardening.

The other day, we all got home at the same time, and standing in the front yard I asked, who wants to go get strawberries? All of them started for the gate, but MrCuddles was running. When the gate was closed, MrG was trying to figure out how to open it. He wasn’t quick enough, and MrCuddles shoved him out of the way, and started trying to force open the gate by shaking it and yelling. He likes his strawberries. When he gets one, after eating it, he tells us, “MMMMMMMMMM…”


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