this morning

This morning, I was carrying around MrCuddles, because he needed to be held. Maybe he was a bit jealous that his brother and sister left him in his crib, whilst they crawled into Mommy & Papa’s bed at 4 and 5 this morning.

As I was holding him, while picking clothes out, MrGrunty comes hopping around the corner. “Papa, I’m a frog!”  I told the frog “hi” and then, out of nowhere, the frog attacked me! I yelled out for help, but MsSqueaky was on my bed, she was stuck. MrGrunty then stood up.

“I help you,” he said.

“No, I too big,” MsSqueaky replied.

“I getting big. Hold on to my hand. You won’t get an owie,” he told her.

Tonight…we went to lneighborhood gathering at the BirthdayPark. There were bounce houses, live music, sno-cones. Standing in the dinner line, we met someone who has twins in the local elementary school. She says it’s the districts policy to seperate twins, so that they can easier be their own person. That makes me a bit sad. Because I read a book, about growing up a twin, and one pair was horrified at first day of school, where not only were they being left at a strange new place, but that their best friend was taken away, they didn’t understand why they were being punished.

I think, at their pre-school, they do different things, and aren’t always with each other. So that’s good. I just am afraid for school, what if one makes friends right away, and the other is all alone in their classroom?

I’m scared.


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