17 month words

Hi Mr Cuddles,

this morning, in celebration of you being seventeen months old, you were using lots of words. Yay!

I told you, “I love you.” And then you repeated with “ay-luh-oo”, it made me smile. And you did it a few more times even telling your mommy.

On way to church, your sister saw me sneaking a breakfast pastry, she wanted some. The your brother did. I said, “we need to share with MrCuddles.” And you reiterated “share”.

After church, in the restaurant I asked you where MsSqueaky was. You said, “eye-uh-no”, which translated for the audience is “I don’t know”.

At home, you were at one of your favorite places, the gate to the kitchen, I asked you to shut it. And you did, saying “shut”.

Thanks for learning lots of new words, my sweet cuddly boy!


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