so…this week is vacation at the daycare. So MyBetterHalf took the week off to spend with the childrens and I am off Wed – Fri for our stay-cation.

Today, we met up with a few of our friends (Aki & JenBud), and their respective boys, and hung out at drop-in-playtime at our church. The adults even got a chance to talk with each other. One topic of conversation, how it is annoying when authors suddenly drop in a portal, or some other easy way out for the protagonist. Also the whole fate of the hero. Or “everybody has special powers.”

That was one good thing about Lord of the Rings. The hero was Sam. And his special power was loyalty to his friend.

Most of the time, the childrens all got along. Well, except when it came to sharing the Thomas Train.

I pulled out markers, and helped all five of the kids color.

MrGrunty & I played ball.

MsSqueaky hung out on my lap, and listened to us old folks talk for a bit, then she went to the other side of the room, all alone, and played with four baby dolls. When I went to ask her if I could play she said, “Papa go. The babies are sleeping.”

MrCuddles was very happy to have other kids to play with, and was playing peekaboo.


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